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Vampires & Vigilantes – Ella Summers

Exiled, stripped of her title and magic armor, former paranormal princess Terra Cross is living a new life as a private detective. Working side-by-side with her father, she hunts down galactic bail jumpers hiding on Earth, rescues kidnapped children from otherworldly gangsters, and stops ritualistic summonings of interdimensional monsters. But her old life comes knocking […]

Spirit Magic – Ella Summers

Naomi Garland, a half-fairy with the power to navigate realms, divides her time between earth and hell. On earth, she is a supernatural enforcer, charged with upholding the peace. In hell, she is the insurgent Spirit Warrior who fights demonic overlords and has turned the entire underworld on its head. Naomi’s two worlds collide when […]

Shifter’s Shadow – Ella Summers

Next to the powers of heaven and hell, we are nothing. “So this was just one gigantic, cosmic war between light and dark magic. And we were only a small part of it, a tiny dot in the gods’ empire. It was no wonder that they saw us as insignificant.” Tested by the gods, Leda […]

Magic Immortal – Ella Summers

Naomi had failed to prevent Firestorm from freeing her nefarious husband Darksire from the depths of hell. But that wasn’t everything. She had to focus on her victories, on everything she had achieved. She, Makani, and their allies had defeated the demon Septimus. More importantly, they’d accomplished the impossible. They’d brought Dad back from the […]

Dragon’s Storm – Ella Summers

I stood on a high balcony, the sort you’d expect to see at an opera house. But the horror scene playing out on the stage below was not a dramatic rendition for the entertainment of me and my fellow Legion soldiers. It was just another day at the office. A single beam of light punctuated […]

Angel’s Flight – Ella Summers

The old saying is true. Knowledge really is power, especially when angels and gods play the game. The original Immortals, masters of magic, once reigned over every world in the known universe—until they suddenly vanished. The gods and demons have been fighting over the remains of their fractured empire ever since. Millennia later, new angel […]

Angel Fury – Ella Summers

I stood in front of a closed double door. In a few minutes, I would walk through those gilded gates into the grand ballroom to marry a man I hardly knew. I had always been a rule-follower, the perfect soldier in the gods’ earthly army. I’d been raised from the day I was born to […]

Angel Fever – Ella Summers

It was snowing in the living room. Last week, the curtains had caught on fire. And the week before that, a minor tornado had besieged the sofas and armchairs. That’s what it meant to have a ten-year-old angel-in-training in the family. I waved my hand to dissolve the snowflakes turning the living room into a […]

Psychic’s Spell – Ella Summers

Next stop: Purgatory,” the intercom roared over the rumbling of the train. The announcement elicited a chorus of chortles from my fellow passengers. Looking up from the book I was reading, I glanced across the aisle. The proud owners of that merry laughter were six twenty-somethings—college guys, their matching fraternity rings told me. They looked […]

Angel Fire – Ella Summers

A white flash of lightning lit up the stormy sky, and for a brief moment, its thunderous boom buried the cacophony of the raging battle between the forces of heaven and hell. Funny how something so mundane could drown out something so divine. From here on the grassy plains, I could not see the battle […]

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