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Xtreme Pressure – Em Petrova

“Make that incline any higher and I’ll tie you to this treadmill and force you to run.” Chris Paxton ground the words out through his teeth while gasps of air ejected from his nostrils. The physical therapist tossed her head on a laugh. “Just like all the military men I get in here—all growl and […]

Cowboy Conspiracy Theory – Em Petrova

“Grip the rope just like you would the reins.” Mathias Trace leveled a look at his instructor for rappelling training. “Horses aren’t forty-seven feet off the ground.” The guy’s lips twitched as he checked that the carabiner was secure one more time before sending Mathias to his death. It wasn’t that he was afraid of […]

Xtreme Measures – Em Petrova

“Let’s play a game of which challenge do you choose? Not taking a breath for two minutes on a dive in the icy Bering Sea or hiking twenty miles through the Alaskan wilderness carrying a full load?” Special Operative Elias Gasper pinned his captain with an are-you-screwing-with-me stare. “That’s easy. I’d take the two minutes.” […]

Winning Wyoming – Em Petrova

“Oh my God, you can see how big he is. You know…” the woman on the Boot Knockers Ranch pitched her voice to a whisper for her friend, “his cock.” Wyoming ambled up to the plate, baseball bat gripped in one hand. Playing baseball games in their underwear wasn’t all that comfortable when it came […]

High-Stakes Cowboy – Em Petrova

A rough, warm hand landed on Maya Ray’s lower back, in the cutout of her sexiest top. Then an equally warm pair of lips nestled at the curve of her ear. “You look like my next big mistake,” the deep voice sent shivery goodness through her body. Twisting, Maya Ray prepared to find just another […]

Guarded by the Cowboy – Em Petrova

Boone Wynton always caught hell for not wiping his boots after he’d been in the barn. His poor momma tried. He only ever thought of it after he was two steps in the door. After he walked into the office, he realized what he’d done and backed out to scrape the manure off on the […]

Xtreme Affair – Em Petrova

“Covering fire!” At his captain’s order, River Hepburn trained the rotating barrel minigun on the target and sent a hundred rounds of ammo out through the valley. Their mission? Reach the other side and collect the two women taken hostage by a fucking lunatic who thought himself a weapons specialist. As far as the Xtreme […]

Rescued By the Cowboy – Em Petrova

Ross raised the glass of whiskey to his lips, but he never got to take a sip because a sexy woman wearing only a red, sheer thong shoved his drink aside. She grabbed him by the western string tie he wore and leaned in close. “You want a piece of this, sugar?” She lifted one […]

Knight Shift – Em Petrova

Fleur dropped to her knees in front of the motel bathtub and doused her head in the hot water pouring from the tap. Her hands shook as she ran her fingers through her dark brown locks, now bleached blonde. She’d never touched her hair with bleach or dye before now, and the outcome would be […]

After MidKnight – Em Petrova

Roades had just completely and catastrophically ended his career. One fucking misstep had almost blown up the whole mission in the faces of the elite Knight Ops team. If not for his teammates, all would have been lost, and thank God they’d pulled it out of their asses at the last minute. But Roades’ head […]

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