Tag: Emigh Cannaday

Prince Of Persuasion – Emigh Cannaday

Over a week had passed since the solstice fires had burned through the Kingdom of Sinaryos, yet the candles in the Yule log centerpieces still flickered on the tabletops of the Fell Right Inn. A young woman sat in the quietest corner of the dining room, hunched over a thick ledger book with a pencil […]

Crown of Contempt – Emigh Cannaday

To be immortal is a lonely, desolate existence. Even the demonborn dark elves were not truly immortal. Unlike their old enemies, the vampires, they didn’t know the possibility of a looming eternity sinking its fangs into them, crushing their spirits as one dark night bled into another. Sure, the Näkki could try to imagine what […]

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