Tag: Emilee Harris

Playing with Fire – Karen Sommers, Emilee Harris

ANNE WINCHESTER LOVED her home. From the cream painted exterior glistening in the dawn sunlight when she managed to sneak out that early, to the colorful tapestries and rows of expertly composed paintings hanging along walls and in the galleries, she often caught herself sighing as she strolled the lengthy hallways and bright open foyers. […]

A Tempting Wager – Karen Sommers, Emilee Harris

Truly dreadful. Abhorrent even. I don’t know what she’s going to do…” “… Snapped in two places. They had to go searching for the poor man when the horse returned without him… “… And she’s only two and twenty. Still so young. Lucky she did well financially with the match, she’ll soon find another…” “… […]

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