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Emigrating with an Earl – Emily E. K. Murdoch

Samuel’s heart could not stop pounding, but if he could not calm it down, then it was straight to prison for him. He glanced around nonchalantly in the dawn light, trying not to make it obvious to the small gaggle of people also waiting to board the Adelaide that he was keeping a look out. […]

Always the Courtesan – Emily E. K. Murdoch

“EXCUSE ME, MAY I sit here?” The young woman was staring at him, waiting for a response. Josiah blinked, utterly dazzled. She was beautiful, with an elegant smile and fashionable gown. She was pointing to the empty space in the pew beside him. Heart thundering, Josiah opened his mouth, and absolutely nothing came out. “I […]

Always the Chaperone – Emily E. K. Murdoch

“AND HE İS forbidden, Matthews, from having a third, do you hear me?” Charlotte smiled at the butler knowingly, shaking away the hair over her eyes. “The earl has never been able to hold his liquor, and my brother’s wedding is not the time to test that.” Matthews bowed and walked from the lawn to […]

Always the Bridesmaid – Emily E. K. Murdoch

MİSS TABİTHA CHESWORTH could feel her breath rising from her lungs and taste excitement and fear on her tongue as the soft morning light fell through the stained-glass windows. With one shaking hand, she smoothed the cream, silk gown embroidered with a scalloped edge. It fell to the ground like water, skimming past the dregs […]

Always the Best Friend – Emily E. K. Murdoch

HARRY KNEW EXACTLY what Josiah was thinking, and it made her smile. “I must be mad to do this,” he said hoarsely. “Mad.” Her heart skipped a beat, and without thinking, she took a step forward and walloped her brother on the back of the head. Josiah Stanhope, Earl of Chester, flinched and turned from […]

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