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Zachary – Emily Evans

I grip the steering wheel so tight my palm turns red, but I have so many things running through my mind I have no time to dwell on it. It’s obvious that I’m nervous, though I lie to myself saying that it is the chilled night air that has me shivering. At one point, I […]

Nicole & Brian – Emily Evans

I park my car in the hospital’s car park and walk into the hospital. I am a little anxious this morning because we’re welcoming a new colleague. The welcoming bit isn’t the cause of my anxiety. I’ve welcomed new workers before and they always love me. It’s who it is that’s got me anxious. And […]

Kenneth – Emily Evans

My phone rings just as I board the Cessna 172, and I’m eager to answer it. “Hello,” I say to my assistant. “No. I’ve told you several times not to accept documents from other departments without informing me first,” I yell at her, but wonder if she’s even listening. “No. I will not be back […]

Dereck – Emily Evans

I press the gas of my beaten-up Honda before the next turn, unsure if this is the sharpest corner. It isn’t. In fact, I pass three more corners before I come to where multiple vehicles have gone off the road. Though Virgin Falls is the town where I grew up, it has been over seven […]

Aiden – Emily Evans

“They’ll be here any minute now, make sure everyone is at their posts. We don’t want any unfortunate events occurring. Be professional and focus only on work,” I addressed the rangers on duty. I couldn’t deny that the last line referred to me more than anyone else. It is the day that Tracy Creek Elementary […]

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