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The Duke’s Shameful Demands – Emily Tilton

Clara Mansfield had turned eighteen only three days before the great Midsummer Festival in Chipping Norley, the prosperous market town near the village of Harepark where Clara had grown up, a few miles distant from Chipping Norley. When the Duke of Norley’s man of business, a Mr. Ainsworth, came to her father’s door to say […]

The Duke’s Shameful Game – Emily Tilton

“I am very much afraid, Theodora Harper, that sterner measures will be necessary.” Sterner than sending me down into the country in the middle of the season? Theodora managed to keep from tossing her head as she stood in the center of the blue medallion on the Persian rug in her guardian’s study, with her […]

Her Shameful Training – Emily Tilton

Miss Joanna Middleton awoke in a strange bed, to the sound of a gentleman’s voice. She knew even before she opened her eyes, and despite the terror that the almost indefinable feeling of being in the wrong bed instilled, that he must be a gentleman. His voice’s entire unfamiliarity to her, and the alarm occasioned […]

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