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Marquess to a Flame – Emily Windsor

Lowarn Cove, Cornwall, England. June 1809. “Catch me if you dare!” With wildness surging, Tamsyn’s yelled challenge became lost beneath the galloping thud of hooves and the howl of the westerly wind, but grinning, she leaned low, urging her mare onwards. Often, they raced across the headland to the boulder of Devil’s Claw, but not […]

Her Noble Captive – Emily Windsor

Year 1795, July. Helmdon Court, Northamptonshire, England. Lud, he was bored. So very, very bored. All Lucas could see was his own thin reflection in the dark glass of the window. He blinked, and the pale boy followed suit, glaring with accusing eyes. “This is your fault,” he spat out, stabbing his finger in the […]

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