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A Rogues & Gentlemen Christmas – Emma V Leech

12 thDecember 1817. Belvedere House, Dorset. Chance had not intended to spend quite so long in the company of his friends. He really hadn’t. Well, yes, all right, he had intended to avoid going home for as long as he possibly could, but… that was beside the point. The point was, somehow it had become […]

Dare to Cause a Scandal – Emma V. Leech

I don’t give a damn for your whoring or if you drink yourself to death, so long as you marry and produce your heir before you’re too poxed or insensible to do to your duty. Surprisingly, there are many women willing to overlook your shortcomings for the lure of your money and title. Even your […]

Dare it all for Love – Emma V Leech

Dearest Harriet, I am certainly up to the challenge of getting your brother married. The dear man is far too handsome and kind to spend a moment longer alone. Truly, it would be a crying shame if he does not find a wife. I agree that wretched girl did him so much damage when she […]

To Break the Rules – Emma V. Leech

Am I foolish, to be so intent on revenge, to risk everything I have for the chance of retribution? Perhaps, but everything I have is a lie, and sooner or later the truth will find me. At least, when the inevitable happens, I will have the satisfaction of having made him pay. That will be […]

Dare to be Wild – Emma V. Leech

Of course it’s a waste of money but waste it we must, though the boy is an imbecile. For God’s sake, don’t let them expel him. Pay anything. At least he excels at sport or he’d be a damned embarrassment. If he didn’t look so much like me, I’d think his mother had produced a […]

To Dance until Dawn – Emma V. Leech

“I take it this week has so far not produced the results we had hoped for?” Jasper asked as they walked back from his workshop. Jasper was a craftsman of considerable skill, though few but his closest friends knew it. Max shrugged and gave a rueful smile. “What’s wrong with me, Jasper? I know all […]

The Christmas Rose – Emma V. Leech

Felicity Bunting was five and twenty, and on the shelf. Everyone knew it. Well, not any longer. As of ten minutes ago, she had become spectacularly engaged to the wickedest rake in Christendom. Suddenly, the dusty shelf she had resented for so long looked rather appealing, and she wanted to climb back on it and […]

Dare to be Wicked – Emma V. Leech

“Oh, my feet hurt!” Lottie wailed as Eliza dragged her up the steps to the front door. “I’ll never dance again.” “If only you’d never speak again,” Eliza muttered. After a tedious carriage ride home, the excitement of their long day had given way to exhaustion, and her legendary patience was unravelling with speed. “If […]

Dare to be Brazen – Emma V. Leech

Nic curled his hands about his mouth and blew to revive his numb fingers. The house had been quiet for at least an hour, but that was no guarantee every occupant was asleep. He looked up, muttering a filthy curse as soft white flakes tumbled from the inky skies above. The night was perishing cold […]

To Winter at Wildsyde – Emma V. Leech

My dear Kitty, I hardly know where to begin. I only went out for an hour, yet in that brief interval everyone seems to have run quite mad. Do you remember Ruth’s dare, ‘To say something utterly outrageous to a handsome man’? Well, I’d say she’s outdone herself. ― Excerpt of a letter from Miss […]

To Tame a Savage Heart – Emma V. Leech

At twelve years old, there were few things in the world that Lucretia ‘Crecy’ Holbrook could endure less than a grown-up party. She’d slipped away as soon as possible, leaving her big sister Belle to be the well-behaved one and stealing into the room where a lavish buffet had been laid out. Here, she picked […]

To Steal a Kiss – Emma V. Leech

“They looked terribly happy, didn’t they?” Alice said with a wistful sigh as the carriage rumbled through London. Alice was returning home with Matilda after the marriage of their dear friend Prunella to the Duke of Bedwin. That Prue was now a duchess was extraordinary and so at odds with her friend’s character she could […]

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