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The Scandalous Widow – Erica Monroe

Gabriel Sinclair had grown accustomed to the glossy sheen of blood splashed upon narrow London alleys. The sickly-sweet scent mottled with the reek of decomposition, the stench almost overpowering. He sucked in small, barely-sustaining breaths to keep from gagging, regretting the ale he’d drank at the Brown Bear before he’d received the message he was […]

The Mad Countess – Erica Monroe

Madness. It was such an innocuous word, when printed so tidily in the pages of Lady Claire Deering’s journal. She had neat, tiny handwriting. When she was locked up in a cell in an asylum like her mother had been, was that what they’d remember about her? Unadorned, clear script, a direct contrast to her […]

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