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The Duke’s Bride – Erica Ridley

“T his way, if you please.” Jack Skeffington—genteel landowner, eligible widower, and exhausted father of indefatigable twins—led his business associate through a hidden panel behind his office escritoire to a secret room lined with shelves of mementos from various exploits of days long past. Redmire gave a knowing smile. “Walls have ears, do they?” At […]

The Duke’s Embrace – Erica Ridley

Miss Eve Shelling plastered herself between the smothering red damask of the parlor curtains and the freezing glass panes of the front windows. From the outside, this likely made her look like a madwoman. Eve didn’t mind. She wasn’t hiding from the outside. She was hiding from her father. Eve was also simultaneously keeping an […]

Romancing the Rogue – Erica Ridley

A gust of cold ocean wind from the black depths of the horizon swept across the encroaching night. The gale shrieked through the lonesome turrets of South Cornwall’s most carefully avoided stronghold: the soaring monolithic stones of haunted Castle Keyvnor. From the day the castle had been constructed over six hundred years earlier, generations had […]

One Night to Remember – Erica Ridley

Lady Felicity Sutton could not stop herself from plucking yet another glass of lemonade from the tray of a passing footman. Her brother had reminded her multiple times that tonight’s mission was to enchant one of the unwed lordlings wending their way about the ballroom before her. She was supposed to be on the hunt […]

One Night of Passion – Erica Ridley

Thaddeus Middleton, plain old “mister” in an endless line of plain old misters, considered himself the luckiest of men. “The first set?” gushed a wide-eyed debutante, gripping her blank dance card in trembling fingers. “Truly?” “I cannot conceive of a greater start to the evening,” Thad assured her and signed his name with a flourish. […]

One Night for Seduction – Erica Ridley

On the afternoon in which Caleb Sutton, fifth Duke of Colehaven, strode into a familiar pub in the heart of the Haymarket district, he did not suspect that his world was on the cusp of being turned upside down… Again. “Colehaven!” chorused the pub’s colorful denizens in unison, raising their mugs in good cheer. The […]

Once Upon a Duke – Erica Ridley

Wnter enveloped the frost-tipped forest in its deathly grip as a lone black carriage made its determined way up the side of the frozen mountain. Benjamin Ward, the fifth Duke of Silkridge, glowered at the snowflakes obstructing the view from the window. Instead of being ensconced in the dry warmth of his familiar study in […]

Never Say Duke – Erica Ridley

Theodore O’Hanlon, Major Viscount Ormondton, grimaced against the relentless pain. It pulsed through his head, his knee, his side. He promised himself the torture would soon end. With a shaking finger, he cracked the curtains and allowed himself a brief glimpse outside the carriage. Evergreens. Blinding sun on endless snow. A winding, narrow path up […]

Lord of Vice – Erica Ridley

Miss Bryony Grenville was seated on the floor polishing a worn pair of lad’s boots when the door to her private drawing room flew open. In a flash, she hid the boots and the polish behind her back—then scowled up at her grinning elder brother. “Heath, you beast.” She placed the boots back before her. […]

Lord of Temptation – Erica Ridley

In a gambling hell like the Cloven Hoof, most gentlemen were beggared by the cut of the cards or a roll of the dice. For an already beggared lord like Zachary Nash, Marquess of Hawkridge, his best chance for future wealth lay not in games of chance, but with the gamblers themselves. Hawk was not […]

Lord of Secrets – Erica Ridley

Lemonade. The mission was to fetch the baroness a glass of fresh lemonade. Miss Eleanora Winfield squared her shoulders and prepared to enter the fashionable milieu before her. She could not help but feel like a plain brown minnow diving into a pool of brightly colored fish. Despite the bright red of her hair, and […]

Lord of Pleasure – Erica Ridley

The comically sketched visage of Michael Rutland, Earl of Wainwright, littered the public-facing windows along the Strand… as well as graced the tea tables and smoking rooms of every fashionable Londoner eager to part with a shilling in exchange for the latest bawdy comic. Which apparently also included Lord Wainwright’s best friends. So as to […]

Lord of Night – Erica Ridley

Miss Dahlia Grenville hunched in the shadowed entryway of the St. Giles School for Girls. Her once-pristine white silk gloves were marred with splinters from the well-worn broom in her hands. Ash from this evening’s hearth made their fineness almost undetectable. The old abbey that housed the boarding school had also once been very fine. […]

Lord of Chance – Erica Ridley

Mr. Anthony Fairfax might not be the lord of a manor, but he was king of the gaming hells. Or had been. Anthony glanced at his pocket watch. He should be resuming his throne at any moment. His luck was already turning back around, right here in a humble inn on the Scottish border. And […]

Kiss of a Duke – Erica Ridley

“To the Duke!” yelled a half-sotted voice in the middle of the packed ballroom. “To Penelope Mitchell!” the crowd shouted back, raising their goblets of spiced wine in unison. Clinks of crystal glasses and peals of merry laughter filled the high-ceilinged assembly room as the spectators’ cheers warmed the nutmeg-scented air. Despite this being the […]

Dukes, Actually – Erica Ridley

C CHAPTER 1 Cressmouth, England Down the lane from Marlowe Castle ould it truly be considered theft, if the object Miss Carole Quincy intended to filch from the Duke of Azureford’s summer cottage had belonged to her all along? Carole sat on the edge of her fourposter bed to tug off her worn leather slippers. […]

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