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The Traitor’s Ruin – Erin Beaty

KNITTING NEEDLES WEREN’T very effective weapons, but they were better than fencing with feather quills. Sage lunged at her pupil, and the princess blocked her smoothly but stopped short of where she ought to have finished the move. “No, no,” said Sage. “Carry that around and force my blade away so you can move in.” […]

The Traitor’s Kingdom – Erin Beaty

FOR SOMEONE WHO hated fighting, Clare was getting pretty good at it. Sage now had to break a sweat to defeat her friend, which was impressive today, given how cold it was. The massive stone walls of Vinova, Demora’s outpost fortress, offered shelter from the winter winds that swept across the eastern plain but did […]

The Traitor’s Kiss – Erin Beaty

UNCLE WILLIAM HAD returned over an hour ago, yet he hadn’t summoned her. Sage sat at her desk in the schoolroom, trying not to fidget. Jonathan always fidgeted through her lessons, whether from boredom or resentment that she—a girl only a few years older—was his teacher. She didn’t care, but she wouldn’t give him a […]

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