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Assassin’s Maze – Everly Frost

I  an he already has, that is. He is hours away from killing Briar. Yesterday, she broke the assassin’s code when she killed Fallon. She stopped me from ending Fallon and now she will take the punishment that I would have willingly taken to have seen him die. Lutz volunteered to carry out Briar’s assassination […]

Assassin’s Mask – Everly Frost

Moonlight streams across the empty field as I land and fold away my wings. I drop to the long grass, my whole body aching, my heart burning. I flew for two days to reach this spot and now my strength is gone. Two days trying to mend together the fragments of my heart. Slade’s final […]

Assassin’s Magic – Everly Frost

ginning to show, raindrops mingling with the sweat on his bare chest. We’re located in the middle of a courtyard inside the home of the Assassin’s Legion. It’s a place that shouldn’t exist—that doesn’t exist on any map except to those who know its location. Outside these walls, a city of people go about their […]

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