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The Deceptive Bride – Everly West

Arielle Dufossé sat on her favorite bench in the middle of her family’s flower garden. It was the only place she felt at peace and now even that tiny bit of heaven was being threatened. “Arielle? Mother wishes to speak with you.” Her twin sister, Arianne, called out to her. “I know.” Her sister approached, […]

The Bashful Bride – Everly West

This is not a complete book. If you are seeing this message, please contact Amazon Customer Service and inform them they have released the wrong version of this book. Chapter 1 THE LADİES CLUB of Laramie was filled with back-stabbing, hoity-toity, elitists€”at least according to Charlotte Bennett’s mother they were. “Would it kill them to […]

The Adventurous Bride – Everly West

May was one of the most glorious times of the year in Laramie, Wyoming, if Tildie Masterson did say so herself. The sun was bright enough to take the mountain chill out of the air. Green grasses were peeking up through the dull brown of the prairie, giving the land a sense of life. Calves […]

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