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His Dark Intentions – Felicity Brandon

Blue skies. If I closed my eyes and imagined hard, I could still see them in my mind’s eye—the bright, reassuring hue as they stretched across the horizon and the white, fluffy clouds, which splintered the otherwise flawless vista. Now there were only gray weather days. Gray skies to match the scratchy gray dresses they […]

Forbidden – Felicity Brandon

The place was every inch as bleak as Dalton had imagined, and as he stepped out of the car, he was filled with an overriding sense of doom. This was it. This was where it had happened. This was where his parents were supposed to have taken their own lives, leaving him and his younger […]

Captured – Felicity Brandon

Anxious about dental treatment? Has fear held you back and made it impossible to keep your beautiful smile? Fuller & Lawes’ revolutionary treatment is transforming dental treatment for those with the most incapacitating phobias. Contact us today, {insert name}, to see if you’re eligible to enroll. We accept new patients based on need. If you […]

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