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Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox – Forthright

“There must be some mistake.” Tsumiko finished the solicitor’s letter of introduction and rechecked the name of the firm embossed on the heavy gray envelope—Watanabe, Wada, & West. “I’ve never even heard of Eimi Hajime-Smythe.” “She is … was your father’s grandmother’s half-sister.” The firm’s junior partner turned to his yawning briefcase. “If you’d like […]

Tamiko and the Two Janitors – Forthright

While Tami waited for their town’s lone stoplight to tick through its cycle, she bumped up the volume on her car radio. “… encouraging people to check in with their county’s Office of Ingress, where a team of Betweeners will be able to quickly set your mind at ease.” The talk show host cheerfully played […]

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal – Forthright

Eloquence’s resolve wavered. Rumbles of rowdy good humor drifted across the ice-bitten garden, which meant Dad was busy. Too busy for a son’s petty grievances and injured pride. But he had to try, for Ever’s sake if not his own. And soon. Time was as short as the fading day. The winter solstice had slipped […]

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