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Never Dare a Duke – Gayle Callen

“T here he is!” Miss Abigail Shaw craned her neck in the most unladylike fashion. “Where?” she hissed. “Are you certain it’s the duke?” The driver of Lady Gwendolin Warfield’s open carriage continued to maneuver down the crowded lane in the middle of Hyde Park. Much to Abigail’s frustration, Gwen waved and smiled at the […]

Love with a Scottish Outlaw – Gayle Callen

The rain woke her first, hard and pelting against her face. For a long moment, she kept her eyes closed in confusion and uncertainty—and pain. God, her head hurt, the distant ache exploding as she came more and more to consciousness. The rain plopped on her eyelids and cheeks, and slid down into the wet […]

His Scandal – Gayle Callen

At the top of the marble stairs, tall, windowed doors swung open, and the queen’s courtiers within the great hall turned to stare, knowing that the moment they’d all waited for had arrived. A petite woman stepped into the hall, flanked by two men, identical in every way, from their black hair to their swarthy […]

His Betrothed – Gayle Callen

On the eve of her wedding, at a party to celebrate the joining of their families, Lady Roselyn Harrington laid eyes on her betrothed for the first time—and felt like tearing the flowers from her hair. Oh, Sir Spencer Thornton was handsome enough, with his dark, foreign, brooding looks. His mother was Spanish, but he’d […]

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