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The Mortal Word – Genevieve Cogman

The braziers in the torture chamber had burned low while Irene waited for the count to arrive. The stone wall behind her back was cold, even through her layers of clothing—dirndl, blouse, apron, and shawl—and the shackles scraped her wrists. Down the corridor she could hear the sounds of the other prisoners: suppressed tears, prayers, […]

The Lost Plot – Genevieve Cogman

To: Kostchei, Senior Librarian From: Catherine, Senior Librarian Cc: Gervase, Coppelia, Melusine, Ntikuma Kostchei, We have a problem. Yes, I know we always have problems, but this one may derail the peace conference before both sides have even formally agreed to meet. I’ve just had word (it was a ‘polite notification’, but you could read […]

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