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Bride of Mist – Glynnis Campbell

Banished… The harsh curse cut through the crisp air like winter’s icy breath. To Fergus and Morris mac Giric, not yet seventeen years old, abandoned to the rugged shores and wild woods of western Scotland, the punishment may as well be execution. Discarded by their laird in dishonor, they were exiled forever, never to return. […]

Bride of Ice – Glynnis Campbell

Hallidis Cameliard and her cousin Feiyan stared at the gaping hole in the storeroom wall, peering into the long, dark tunnel that led from Rivenloch castle to the woods. For a moment, neither of them could speak. Then a single word fell from Hallie’s lips like a cold curse. “Jenefer.” Feiyan crossed her arms and […]

The Handfasting – Glynnis Campbell

Ysenda hated Yuletide. All around her, the clan celebrated with feasting and cheering. Lively merrymaking filled the great hall. Laughter and music echoed from the rafters. Yet she frowned into her half-drained wooden cup. Her loathing had nothing to do with the supper. Who could complain about the sumptuous food gracing the table each night […]

Bride of Fire – Glynnis Campbell

Rivenloch, The Borders, Scotland Autumn, 1155 “This is war,” Jenefer du Lac declared, clutching the grip of the longbow in her fist, drawing back the sinew, and firing. “Is it?” her cousin Hallidis argued, lifting a skeptical blonde brow. “Because I distinctly remember our parents saying something about going to the king bearing honey, not […]

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