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Night Tide – Grace Draven

Old man Solyom said he heard his wife’s voice calling his name last night.” Zigana didn’t turn her gaze from the vast expanse of sea before them as her father, Odon, spoke around the stem of his unlit pipe. They stood together, buffeted by the wind rolling off the water. Morning sunlight sparkled on the […]

In The Darkest Midnight – Grace Draven

JAHNA SQUEEZED HERSELF into the corridor’s darkest alcove as hard as she could. Here, the cloisters branched in three directions. The one she hid in led to the storerooms and armory, its pathway lit only by the flicker of two anemic torches anchored to the walls and spaced far apart. Shadows cavorted along the floors […]

A Wilderness of Glass – Grace Draven

THE VESTIBULE just outside the busy kitchens hummed with conversation and the thump of wet boots. One by one, the musicians shed their footwear for the clean shoes they’d carried with them during the slow wagon ride up the castle hill. Brida Gazi laced her shoes with shaking fingers, still cold from the winds blowing […]

Radiance (Wraith Kings #1) – Grace Draven

Today was Ildiko’s wedding day, and if she managed not to retch on herself or a guest, she’d consider the entire event a resounding success. Her maids refused to meet her gaze while they laced her into her gown and twitched the train into perfect folds, but she’d caught their looks of pity mixed with […]

Lover of Thorns and Holy Gods (Wraith Kings #1.5) – Grace Draven

“Are you certain this will work?” Louvaen addressed Ambrose but kept her gaze on the shimmering portal of coruscating light that hovered midair in the great hall. The sorcerer cut her a hard glance. “No, but it’s the best I could do on short notice with the limited information gleaned from the books Cinnia brought […]

Eidolon (Wraith Kings #2) – Grace Draven

When Kirgipa accepted the coveted position of second nursemaid to the youngest of the Kai heir apparent’s brood, she never imagined the role entailed consecutive days of sleep deprivation and exile to the farthest corner of the palace. The baby in her arms nuzzled her shoulder, grunting like a badger. Her small fingers twitched against […]

Gaslight Hades – Grace Draven

For the last time, Lenore gazed at her father’s coffin, draped in black velvet and topped with a spray of everlasting flowers. Her mother’s doing of course. Arthur Kenward would have hated the frippery, but Jane Kenward was adamant that no expense be spared, and the bouquet had been ordered and delivered for the funeral. […]

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