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Into the Fire – Gregg Hurwitz

The industrial sliding doors heaved open to a burst of bitter alpine air, a dizzying flurry of snow, and a barrage of hoarse cries. “Hello—goddamn it—somebody help! He’s bad. He’s really— Oh, Jesus, wake up, Grant. Please, just— Someone help!” From the blurry white, Terzian emerged, lugging his injured companion into the waiting room. Grant’s […]

Hellbent – Gregg Hurwitz

Evan moved swiftly through the door to his penthouse suite at the Castle Heights Residential Tower, his RoamZone pressed to his ear. The phone, encased in hardened rubber and Gorilla glass, was as durable as a hockey puck and essentially impossible to trace. Every incoming call to 1-855-2- NOWHERE traveled in digital form over the […]

Out of the Dark – Gregg Hurwitz

Evan is nineteen, fresh of the plane, trained up, mission-ready. And yet untested. His first assignment as Orphan X. He adjusts rapidly to this foreign place, a city with drizzly rain, imperious ministry buildings, and men who kiss on both cheeks. His backstop is impeccable, endorsed by visas, a well-stamped passport, verifiable previous addresses, and […]

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