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Rise Against – Hailey Edwards

Virginia City, Nevada was a curious mix of history and touristy kitsch that left me wondering what type of charun called this place home. The location was remote, the mountains in the distance a fascination that kept my eye traveling back to them, so different from my lowland birthplace. But the boardwalk lined with shops […]

How to Survive an Undead Honeymoon – Hailey Edwards

Mrs. Woolworth,” an elderly man warbled at us with a dentured smile. “Our honeymooners.” Linus never failed to surprise me, and his choice of post-wedding destination did not disappoint. The cozy bed-and-breakfast smack-dab in the middle of nowhere Delaware was adorable. I could picture us cuddling in bed, reading in bed, eating in bed, and […]

How to Live an Undead Lie – Hailey Edwards

Shiver me timbers.” I swung my foam sword in an arc to clash against the bent one Oscar had brandished with a bit too much enthusiasm against a tree earlier. “Batten down the hatches.” “You’re the best pirate I know,” he said, black eyes shining up at me in adoration. Pretty sure I was the […]

Death Knell – Hailey Edwards

Balmy air slid over my skin, the tickle that of mosquito legs as they made their selection from the buffet that was my bare thigh. The buzzing drone pulled me from sleep as I swatted at my ear. The air conditioner I installed yesterday with help from Miller hummed in its mount over the bed, […]

Bayou Born – Hailey Edwards

Fluorescent lights charged the short hallway with a buzzing hum that vibrated beneath my skin. The urgent swish as my polyester uniform pants rubbed together made me wince, but each fixture I passed under carried me nearer to sweet, sweet freedom. Three steps, two steps . . . Almost there. “Hey, Boudreau,” John Rixton hollered […]

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