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When First I Met My King – Harper Fox

Once upon a time there was a king. Once upon a time there was a king, and his kingdom was an abandoned fort and twenty bare acres of moorland, far and away in the north of Britannia, shadowed by Hadrian’s great Wall. Vindolanda, the Romans had called it. The fair meadows. Once upon a time […]

Underhill; A Halloween Story – Harper Fox

“And so, as the Halloween dark draws in, spare a thought for Gwen and Johnny Nancarrow, who met such strange deaths in this ordinary room. I wish I could’ve found some answers for you tonight—but for now, at least, it looks as though Underhill House will be keeping its secrets.” “Right, cut. Perfect. Lovely.” Anna […]

The Dragon’s Tale – Harper Fox

My dearest Lance, now that we are settled at Cam, I can write to you on this fine parchment instead of birch. Everything here is abundant. I lack for nothing except my moorland prince. I am glad that the eggs we gave you are healthy, and breeding well with the rest of your flock. Is […]

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