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Tharaen – Hazel Hunter

BEING WELL OVER six feet tall had its advantages, though not as many when you were a woman. Lieutenant Diana Burke stood up to stretch her long limbs, and saw the rest of the gray cubicles around her had already emptied. One advantage of being well over six feet tall was the ability to check […]

Taran – Hazel Hunter

WADING THROUGH THE night’s drifts in the Great Wood slowed Rowan Thomas’s gait to a shivering shuffle. Winter had white-washed the Scottish Highlands so thoroughly the world resembled an over-filled snow globe. Sunlight flung around blinding, glittery light as it ricocheted off the ice crystals furring every branch, rock and bush. Appreciating all the frosty […]

Ruadri – Hazel Hunter

STANDING ALONE IN the medieval highland forest, Emeline McAra didn’t see snow drifts. Somehow winter had transformed the world into a bridal boutique stuffed with wedding dresses. Dozens of them surrounded her, all big, beautiful confections of white satin and lace waiting to be donned and admired. Ice and frost became ruffled hems, beaded trains, […]

Mael – Hazel Hunter

TEMPTATION, MAEL MAG RAITH realized that morning, made a man wholly dolt-headed. The unusually warm spring in Scotland had festooned Dun Chaill in flowery vines and ample shade from the flourishing trees. Moss now so thickly carpeted the forest surrounding the castle ruins it had begun creeping up the tumble-down stonework. Daily washed by lavish […]

Lachlan – Hazel Hunter

KINLEY CHANDLER HAD expected a perfect day. So of course, she got one. Graygreen sagebrush and bright bush sunflowers carpeted the bluffs above the golden sands where she walked. As dawn peeked over the horizon, the Pacific spread its endless indigo skirts to tease the shore with lacy white flounces. Manic, black-tailed gnat catchers flitted […]

Kiaran – Hazel Hunter

AHEAVY MIST and thin gray skies greeted Kiaran mag Raith that morning as he walked out of the stronghold. Such damp, chill dawns spelled the end of summer in the Scottish highlands, or so he recalled from a time now made equally foggy. He could blame too many centuries and his general disinterest for his […]

Kanyth – Hazel Hunter

THE FIRE HAD gone out again. No wonder Perrin Thomas’s hands and feet had turned into lumps of ice. Even before she’d been starved half to death she’d always gotten chilled easily. In her own time, she would have had central heat, an electric blanket, cuddly pajamas, and fuzzy socks to keep her warm. Here […]

Gavin – Hazel Hunter

THE PEARL-CAPPED sapphire waves of the North Sea lashed Gavin McShane as they buffeted the hull of the old boat. With practiced skill he guided the fisher into Scapa Flow, navigating his way through the boats and ships making passage between the islands that protected the wide but busy bay. Overhead black wing-tipped gannets soared, […]

Evander – Hazel Hunter

RACHEL INGRAM WALKED out onto the garden balcony overlooking the swimming pavilion, where her father’s infinity pool spread like a lake suspended in the air. Beyond it his beloved red gum eucalyptus trees climbed the curves of the estate’s rolling green hills. They provided an illusion of privacy, as if all the world belonged to […]

Edane – Hazel Hunter

A FINE MIST of rain greeted Edane mag Raith as he led his restless chestnut gelding out of the stable. He flipped his tartan over the quiver and bow at his shoulder to keep both dry. The storm rushed over Dun Chaill in a vast river of gray cloud, parting now and then to allow […]

Domnall – Hazel Hunter

A drop of rain plopped on Jenna Cameron’s face, rousing her from a sleep so deep she felt muddled. She saw trees, sky, clouds. Huge trees. Dark sky. Gloomy clouds. As she regarded her surroundings shivers sprinted over her wet, chilled skin. Nothing looked familiar, and yet she felt a tremendous relief pouring through her. […]

Cadeyrn – Hazel Hunter

WEDGED IN A corner beside a wooden bin, Lily Stover listened to the winter wind wailing outside the granary. Silly as it seemed, she wished she knew what time and day it was. Her watch had been smashed during her last beating, and calendars probably hadn’t yet been invented in fourteenth-century Scotland. She’d tried keeping […]

Broden – Hazel Hunter

STANDING IN THE shadows of Dun Chaill’s great hall, Broden mag Raith watched Mariena Douet sleep. Firelight painted her with glowing colors, tinting the porcelain paleness of her hair and skin. Even from where he stood, he could smell the rainwashed headiness of her scent, like that of angelica after a storm. Absent expression, her […]

Brennus – Hazel Hunter

BEING A REDHEAD in Scotland helped Althea Jarden blend in with the locals, at least until she spoke. Although she’d lost most of her southern accent while working on her Ph.D. at Cornell, whatever she said broadcast her as an American. Fortunately, no one held that against her. The Scots she met were more curious […]

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