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The Trouble with Love – Heather Boyd

Making merry didn’t come easily for Everett Dean. The Earl of Acton did his duty, even if the weight of responsibility threatened to choke him at times. He sipped champagne slowly, casting an admiring glance over the lovely ladies who glided past his spot in the avenue of tall birch trees as if he’d not […]

The Duke and I – Heather Boyd

Nicolas Westfall paced the front hall of his middle daughter’s Mayfair home, attempting to rein in his temper. Fanny had done it again. Offending an important member of society was no laughing matter. Memories of such impudence lasted years and Nicolas had another daughter to think about too. Fanny rushed down the stairs of her […]

The Duke’s Heart – Heather Boyd

“Livery again, Teddy?” Sinclair grumbled, glancing sourly at his heir’s current attire with unchecked frustration as the young man entered his study carrying a dusting cloth and a happy smile. “You do know I can afford to furnish you with a proper wardrobe.” “I do not want anyone to give me a second glance,” Thaddeus […]

Romancing the Earl – Heather Boyd

In Madam Bradshaw’s House of Pleasure, a gentleman could buy practically anything and anybody for the right price. This was no penny amusement. A man paid a premium for the pleasures offered here. Price only came here to drown his sorrows. The light was low in his corner, but the footmen knew to freshen his […]

Rakes and Rogues – Heather Boyd

No matter how much time had passed since his last visit to Hampshire, Leopold Randall, heir to the young Duke of Romsey’s title, would rather return to exile in India than beg help from Romsey Abbey. If not for his quest to locate his family, Leopold would never have set foot on Romsey soil again. […]

One Enchanted Christmas – Heather Boyd

LADY MEG STOCKWİCK covered her cold nose and mouth again and blew out a breath, hoping to warm her face a little bit. Meg was not used to traveling in the winter months. She was not used to traveling at all really. She was doing her best not to become an icicle. Her brother was […]

Lord of Sin – Heather Boyd

Murder and death had only kept the ton’s attention a few days before they forgot the losses and the shock and returned to the gaiety and decadence of the London season. Julian, Lord Wade, was no different. He was glad the ugly business was well and truly behind them. The murderess had been caught and […]

An Earl of Her Own – Heather Boyd

Adam Croft scowled at the man striding along at his side through the church. “You’re smirking.” “Am I, Lord Rafferty?” Gideon Whitfield asked, and then, still smirking, accepted the congratulations for his upcoming wedding to the Duke of Stapleton’s youngest daughter. The announcement had delighted the congregation immensely, and the duke looked pleased as punch […]

An Affair So Right – Heather Boyd

If there was anything in life surer to turn a man’s stomach, it was a blatant attempt at matchmaking over a mahogany dining table. Quinn Ford, formerly a captain in His Majesty’s navy but now more happily Viscount Maitland, would rather be run through in battle than be the focus of his father’s machinations to […]

An Affair of Honor – Heather Boyd

London, 1814 Matilda Winslow blew a fallen lock of her hair from her eyes and then crawled under Captain Ford’s bed to retrieve an item that had rattled to the floor while she’d been changing his sheets. She stretched to reach a strap that appeared to be wedged behind the headboard. When tugging from beneath […]

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