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Seize the Wind – Heather Graham

“Halt!” came a dreaded cry. The Duke of Manning’s party came to a quick pause, the four guards in helmet and mail, their swords drawn, moving awkwardly about on their huge stallions in the narrow trail to discover from where the command had come. The forests, these days, were simply filled with outlaws. At first, […]

Princess of Fire – Heather Graham

“The Norman duke is dead! Duke William is dead!” The cry had begun as a murmur, but it rose like a shrill wind at the least opportune moment. Among the left division of the Normans, the knights had broken. A chaotic and horrible retreat had begun, and the horses slipped and fell in the marsh. […]

Lie Down in Roses – Heather Graham

It was Sir Thomas Tidewell singing the boisterous ballad, loud and clear against the cool, darkening horizon. Sir Thomas was deep in his cups and he laughed so hard that he rocked sideways upon his mount. But for the fact that Jon of Pleasance rode next to him to right him, Sir Thomas would have […]

Dark Rites – Heather Graham

Alex Maple wasn’t sure, as he first became aware of himself, if he was alive or dead. He was miserable; he knew that. Alive—he had to be alive to hurt in so many places. He hadn’t opened his eyes. Slowly, he tried to do so. At first, he thought about the Undertakers—the duo of kidnapping […]

Bitter Reckoning – Heather Graham

“Hallowed Angel Cemetery and Mount Misery. A couple of the eeriest places you’ll ever see,” the man driving Ally Caldwell said casually. He glanced her way, adding, “Especially around what we refer to as harvest time. They say the land was cursed from the time the natives came, and they were glad to leave it […]

American Drifter – Heather Graham, Chad Michael Murray

Maybe he was a crazy man. The old woman watched him watch the fountain, staring as if entranced, entirely unaware of the busy flow of humanity moving through the crowded streets of Rio de Janeiro. Dressed in khakis and a T-shirt, he carried a backpack, as did so many of the americanos who came to […]

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