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The Beast of Aros Castle – Heather McCollum

Aveline Sutton pressed a hand against her pounding heart as she caught the lethal glare of her friend’s half brother through the coach window. But Vincent Ellington couldn’t hear her heart ricocheting through her chest from his spot on the manor steps, so Ava kept her eyes trained on him as they neared, subdued victory […]

Highland Conquest – Heather McCollum

Cain Sinclair surveyed the mist-shrouded battlefield from atop his white charger, standing on the eastern rise of the moor. The field lay like a giant chessboard, his pieces moving according to his perfect strategy. To the north lay the sea. To the southwest lay his prize, Dunrobin Castle, seat of Clan Sutherland. His gaze swept […]

Captured Heart – Heather McCollum

English/Scottish Border: September 1535 Meg Boswell pressed her forehead into the damp neck of her horse as she clung to his mane. Fingers of moonlight stretched down, flickering against woman and beast as they galloped along the narrow road flanked by shadows and trees. Aunt Mary’s hasty directions beat in Meg’s head: Stay on the […]

A Rose in the Highlands – Heather McCollum

NORTH OF GLASGOW, SCOTLAND April 1684 Evelyn Worthington curled her fingers under the edge of the leather seat cushion, bracing herself against the carriage wall as they dipped in and out of another rut in the road. “God’s teeth,” she whispered, reaching forward to keep her lady’s maid, Molly, from being dumped into the dark […]

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