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Into the Evermore – Holly Bush

“Twenty dollars and you can have her. Don’t make no never mind to me what you do with her. I just want to see the gold first.” The filthy-looking bearded man waved his gun in every direction as he spoke, including at the head of the young woman he held in his arms and at […]

For This Moment – Holly Bush

May 1871 Paradise, Winchester, Virginia “Enchanted,” Richard Armsworth said as he bowed low. Olivia Gentry watched him, interested to see if he would kiss her hand. He seemed content with rubbing his thumb softly on the back of it while touching the pulse of her wrist with his fingers. It was intimate, and unsettling as […]

For the Brave – Holly Bush

1869 Outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky “Don’t pinch, Esmie! It hurts!” The blond woman propped against the foot of the metal bed giggled and fondled her own breast. She glanced at the man lounging against the headboard and ran the tip of her tongue around her lips. “Tillie looks put out, sweetheart. Why don’t you and […]

For Her Honor – Holly Bush

HE MİSSED the taste of food. He missed the texture of rare roast beef, and the tang of a béarnaise sauce smothering it. He missed the smoothness of mashed turnips and the snap of a fresh bean from the garden. He missed the anticipation of a meal and a wine to complement it. Adam Gentry […]

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