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Mind Game – Iris Johansen

The woman’s face might be beautiful, but it was also the stuff of nightmares. And Jane MacGuire just wanted it to go away! She jerked upright in bed, her heart pounding. She closed her eyes, her hands clenched into fists. She wouldn’t do it again. Not again. There wouldn’t be any change from the last […]

Look Behind You – Iris Johansen

“ANOTHER SODA AND LIME. Easy on the lime this time.” The bartender pursed her lips and gave him a pitying look. She obviously thought he was a recovering alcoholic, desperately clinging to sobriety by his fingernails. He was nothing of the sort. He just needed to keep his wits about him. Zachary looked up at […]

Hindsight – Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen

I’m going to murder him!” Kendra Michaels jumped out of the open jeep and stalked across the tarmac toward Jessie Mercado, who was standing in front of the waiting C-130 transport plane. Her eyes were glittering with rage as she hissed through bared teeth: “You’re not going to talk me out of it, Jessie. I’m […]

Double Blind – Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen

SHE HAD TO STAY ALIVE just a few minutes longer. Elena Meyer crouched in the alleyway, fighting the dizziness. Keep it together, girl. Breathe. She felt her side. Warm and sticky where blood was still oozing from the gunshot wound. Fight the darkness. Fight the fog creeping over her forehead and descending over her eyes. […]

Dark Tribute – Iris Johansen

The white lace gown Cara Delaney was wearing tonight was all wrong, John Svardak thought. But it should be fine once it was soaked with blood. He slowly crushed the program in his hand as he gazed down from his box seat at the young violinist onstage. Cara Delaney had the audience in the palm […]

Vendetta – Iris Johansen

Carl Venable, head of the CIA task force on terrorism, was not often out in the field, and even less often in physical danger. But now he was missing. And he was the one man who couldn’t be left behind. And, dammit, there was no way Jude Brandon was going to have that happen. “They’re […]

Smokescreen – Iris Johansen

Headlights! Jill Cassidy’s fingers stabbed into the mud as she saw the light spearing the darkness on the road ahead. The vehicle was going slowly, but they’d never see her on this side path. She had to get to the main road. But she had no shoes, and every muscle was aching, throbbing. She’d tried […]

Shattered Mirror – Iris Johansen

The lights in the lake cottage sent out a cozy glow that lit the banks of the lake and made that house of death appear welcoming. Everything about the place and property spoke of beauty and a deceptive invitation that made one think that all was well with this world. Because she was there, Rory […]

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