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The Swan and the Jackal – J. A. Redmerski

Six years ago… There is blood on the furniture and smeared across the wall, a beautiful crimson color that only blood can be, stark against the bright white sheetrock even in the darkness of the room. This wasn’t done by a gun. The nearly-naked body of the woman lying on her back against the floor […]

The Black Wolf – J. A. Redmerski

We were kept in a building with tall ceilings and ceramic tile floors and white paint-chipped walls that towered all around us like a prison. A prison with no locked doors or barred windows because no one was ever brazen enough to try escaping. No one but me, of course. I wanted out, and I […]

Spiders in the Grove – J. A. Redmerski

The stars toss around chaotically in my vision; the sky is black on blue on purple, fringed by a jagged mountain backdrop, everything blending into something indistinguishable. There should be sound, a lot of tumultuous sound—the buckling of metal, the crushing of rocks, the banging inside my head—but I think I’ve gone temporarily deaf. The […]

Seeds of Iniquity – J. A. Redmerski

Twenty-four hours ago… I burst through the door first with Victor and Niklas behind me. Tears of rage and vengeance fill my eyes. The house is pitch dark except for a small light somewhere in the hallway, the smell of scorched coffee lingers heavily on the air. There was a struggle here; two of the […]

Reviving Izabel – J. A. Redmerski

It’s been eight months since I escaped the compound in Mexico where I was held against my will for nine years. I’m free. I’m living a ‘normal’ life, doing normal things with normal people. I haven’t been attacked or threatened or followed by anyone who might still want me dead. I have a ‘best friend’, […]

Killing Sarai – J. A. Redmerski

It’s been nine years since I saw the last American here. Nine years. I was beginning to think Javier killed them all. “Who is he?” my only friend, Lydia, asks as she pushes herself further into view. “How do you know he’s American?” I press my index finger against my lips and Lydia lowers her […]

Behind the Hands that Kill (In the Company of Killers #6) – J. A. Redmerski

Fifteen years ago… There I sat, my face swollen, blood dripping from my mouth, and a beautiful young woman named Artemis Stone unconscious at my feet. I was barely in my mid-twenties; Artemis three years younger than me. She had been my assignment for one year before this day: play the role of her lover, […]

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