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The Untouchables – J. J. McAvoy

“You will all be queued in the moment we come back from commercial break. All you have to do is yell, ‘Good Morning, Chicago!’ You all look prefect,” the producer for Good Morning Chicago said to all of us, as she and the rest of the camera crew moved to their places. “Whose bloody idea […]

Ruthless People – J. J. McAvoy

So, today was the day. I drank straight from the brandy bottle. Fuck the glass. I was too tired to move. “You plan on sharing?” Natasha asked as she rubbed her body against mine. Handing her the bottle, I leaned back, watching her pour the liquor down her throat. God, I was going to miss […]

Declan + Coraline – J. J. McAvoy

“Two breakfast specials, Beatrice, and add some love in it.” Liam winked at the older Irish woman who was refilling our coffees. He leaned into the booth at the Eastside Diner, while the rain that was beating against the window beside us covered all of Chicago under a dark cloud. Beatrice shook her head at […]

American Savages – J. J. McAvoy

123. 124. 125. 126. I counted as I pulled myself upwards. The bars running across the ceiling provided an ample structure for my workout. Ignoring the burning ache in my arms, I continued with my routine. If I disregarded the husky, deep, and howling voices around me, I was able to find silence in my […]

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