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A Countess Betrayed – Jade Alters

1 PROLOGUE RAVENNA 897 “Ten twenty-two,” the bespectacled man spoke with a swift glance at his pocket watch. “Dead”. Doctor Renoulleau dropped Santino’s thick, pulseless arm. Thud. It fell with as much finality as an axe in Ravenna’s stunned mind. A small flock of neighbors and friends gasped at the news. She searched the doctor’s […]

Broken Bonds – Jade Alters

A PROLOGUE ALEIXO ntartica – 2012 The cold is more intense than I was anticipating. I knew it would be freezing, but I hadn’t expected to be this bothered by it. The cold doesn’t usually faze me, since my regular body temperature is quite a bit more…intense than that of a regular human. As I […]

Bound by Destiny – Jade Alters

O PROLOGUE ne hundred years ago “Dane? I haven’t seen you in what… Three centuries?” “Pity we didn’t make it to four,” I mutter to the vaguely familiar man as I plop myself down on a chair. My brother Warwick nudges me in the ribs. “Try to be civilized,” he admonishes under his breath. “We’re […]

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