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One Rogue at a Time – Jade Lee

Bramwell Wesley Hallowsby missed the great love of his life because he was listening to the tale of his first kill. She was right in front of the inn in a blue dress and a bonnet with a matching ribbon. But his attention was on the inside as Dicky spoke of his Brave Deed. Not […]

Into the Lyon’s Den – Jade Lee

Amber Gold was dancing with the Prince of Wales when the summons came. She pretended she hadn’t heard it. She was at the most glorious ball and would not be distracted. Especially since her partner was not the old, fat prince, but an imaginary royal who had a laugh that brought colors to her mind, […]

As Rich as a Rogue – Jade Lee

Mari Powel’s only warning that disaster had come to Hyde Park was when the parakeet said a new word. Normally the thing said slightly rude words like “clodhopper” or “bawdy basket.” But this time, clear as the spring sky, the creature said, “winner, winner!” Mari immediately used the excuse to set the heavy cage down. […]

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