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Triple Homicide – James Patterson

BREE STONE WAS thirty minutes into her morning exercise and breathing hard as she ran east along a path by the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. It was a gorgeous spring day in late March, warm with a fragrant breeze. The Japanese cherry trees that lined the path were in full bloom, attracting early tourists. […]

The 20th Victim – James Patterson

CINDY THOMAS WAS tuned in to her police scanner as she drove through the Friday-morning rush to her job at the San Francisco Chronicle. For the last fifteen minutes there’d been nothing but routine calls back and forth between dispatch and patrol cars. Then something happened. The Whistler TRX-1 scanner went crazy with static and […]

Deadly Cross – James Patterson

DEVON MONROE TORE HIS EYES off the two dead bodies in the powder-blue Bentley convertible, top down, idling not twenty yards away, and glanced at his best friend. “No movement,” Devon said. “Lights out,” said Lever Ashford, nodding. “I don’t know, Lever. This is high profile. Know what I mean?” Lever said, “C’mon, Dev. It’s […]

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