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Killer Instinct – James Patterson, Howard Roughan

PROFESSOR JAHAN Darvish nudged his thick black glasses along the bridge of his nose and stared into the minibar fridge of his swanky Manhattan hotel suite while doing his best to ignore the outrageous price list posted off to the side. Twenty-eight dollars for one of these tiny little bottles of vodka? Seriously? But Darvish […]

Murder, Interrupted – James Patterson

Christmastime was approaching in Carrollton, Texas, and Nancy Howard’s husband, Frank, was putting up the Christmas lights. The two-story brick house was the sort of house Frank and Nancy had dreamed about since the day they were married, twenty-eight years ago now, in Frank’s daddy’s church. The house where their three grown-up children always came […]

Murder Beyond the Grave – James Patterson

THE MAN GASPS for air and claws at the plywood siding of his prison. He’s inside a coffin that is six feet long and three feet wide. Rivulets of sweat pour from his brow. His shirt is soaked. His heart is thumping like he’s just run up a flight of stairs. His skull is throbbing […]

Lost – James Patterson

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT isn’t exactly a tranquil space on a normal day—if there’s such a thing as a normal day at MIA. Now, as I watched a human trafficker strolling toward the immigration portal with six kids in tow, it felt like a hurricane was about to hit indoors. An illtempered Customs supervisor from the […]

Juror #3 – James Patterson, Nancy Allen

BALANCING A TRAY loaded with dirty glassware, Darrien Summers dodged the masked men and women in evening dress as he made his way through the dining room. The annual Mardi Gras ball at the country club in Williams County, Mississippi, was in full swing, the dance floor so crowded that many guests swayed to the […]

Instinct – James Patterson, Howard Roughan

SO YOU want to be a serial killer… Sure, you can go around just shooting people, bang-bang, but I’ve found that guns, while sometimes the right tool for the job, often leave me unsatisfied. There’s a lack of intimacy involved when all you have to do is pull a trigger. You hear the blast and […]

Home Sweet Murder – James Patterson

Leo Fisher holds a pair of boxer undershorts to the knife wound in his neck, trying to stop the flow of blood pumping out. The shorts don’t seem to be doing much good. The fabric is soaked. His arm is slathered in sticky blood. The sixty-one-year-old tries to take shallow, calming breaths. A spasm of […]

Fifty Fifty – James Patterson

SHE WAS PERFECT. And so rarely the perfect ones came, fluttering out of the darkness like moths into golden light. Swift and uncatchable. He had wandered the third floor of the car park for a couple of hours now, risking it all for his ideal victim. A number of young women had crossed the little […]

Cross the Line – James Patterson

HE CHANGED IDENTITY like many warriors do before battle. He called himself Mercury on nights like these. Dressed in black from his visor helmet to his steel-toe boots, Mercury had his motorcycle backed up into a huge rhododendron bush by the Rock Creek Parkway south of Calvert Street. He sat astride the idling bike and […]

Criss Cross – James Patterson

IT WAS A MISERABLE MID-MARCH afternoon, chill and sleeting, as John Sampson and I ran to the main gate of the Greensville Correctional Center, a hexagon-shaped high-security prison in the rural, southern part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We ducked inside the security shack, showed our badges and identifications, and surrendered our service weapons. A […]

Count to Ten – James Patterson, Ashwin Sanghi

THE KILLER EMPTIED the final bag of ice into the bath and shut off the cold tap. With the tub full he stood back to admire his handiwork, watching his breath bloom. Winter in Delhi, it was cold, but the temperature in the small bathroom was even lower than outside and falling fast, just the […]

Blindside – James Patterson

I DID EVERYTHING I could to distract Lucille Evans from noticing the bloody footprint. A responding patrol officer had tracked the blood into the hallway. One look at the scene inside and the veteran needed to run into the street. I didn’t blame him one bit. The forensics people were in the small, two-bedroom apartment […]

All-American Murder – James Patterson, Alex Abramovich

Matthew Kent ran track and played football at a high school in Attleboro, Massachusetts. After school, he worked out at a gym called Answer is Fitness. Then he would run, two miles north, to his house on Homeward Lane. The route went through an industrial park and into a clearing. The path turned to gravel, […]

Texas Outlaw – James Patterson, Andrew Bourelle

SUSAN SNYDER PRESSES her foot down on the gas pedal and zooms around a curve, the headlights of her Mustang convertible cutting through the darkness and the stereo blasting the Foo Fighters into the cool June Texas air. She has the top down, and her hair whips around in the wind as goose bumps rise […]

Triple Homicide – James Patterson

BREE STONE WAS thirty minutes into her morning exercise and breathing hard as she ran east along a path by the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. It was a gorgeous spring day in late March, warm with a fragrant breeze. The Japanese cherry trees that lined the path were in full bloom, attracting early tourists. […]

The Warning – James Patterson, Robison Wells

“WELL, THE TOWN doesn’t appear to be glowing.” Mom kept her eyes on the road. The silence lingered until Charlie blurted out, “Crickets!” I laughed and angled toward the back seat. “Where’d you get that from?” “You, you big dummy!” Charlie cackled. He was six. “‘Awkward silence equals crickets,’ you said.” I gave his knee […]

The Medical Examiner – James Patterson

Cindy Thomas, senior crime reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, breezed through the front door of Susie’s Café. She threaded her way through the raucous crowd in the front room, past the steel drum band and the crowded bar, and headed down the corridor to the back room. It was packed to the walls with […]

The Inn – James Patterson, Candice Fox

SOMETHING VERY BAD was about to go down. There are things you know as a cop in Boston. You know how the city feels, because its streets are your veins and the voices of its people come through your lips when you talk. You know the smell of the salt in the harbor like the […]

The 19th Christmas – James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

IT WAS FOUR nights before Christmas Eve, and the city of San Francisco had decked the halls, houses, and grand public edifices in a sparkling, merry Christmas display. My husband, Joe, our three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Julie, our aging border collie, Martha, and I had piled into the family car for a tour of the lights. Julie […]

The 17th Suspect – James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

JUST AFTER 4 A.M. under a starless sky, a man in a well-worn tweed coat and black knit cap crossed Broadway onto Front Street, humming a tune as he strolled south to Sydney G. Walton Square. The square was a cozy one-block park, bounded by iron fencing with an artifact of a brick gate set […]

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