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A Cowboy for June – Jamie K. Schmidt

JUNE GRAYSON WAS so happy to be on her horse, Athena, that she had to concentrate on the beautiful Texas scenery to keep from crying. She was half afraid that if she started bawling her eyes out, she’d never stop. “You okay?” Emily Sullivan asked. Emily was her ride-or-die BFF. June knew she had to […]

The Cowboy’s Hunt – Jamie K. Schmidt

EMİLY SULLİVAN WAS glad to be back in the States. She wasn’t sure how she felt about being back at the Three Sisters Ranch, though. Tired, she decided. She felt tired. And hungry. Worst of all, she could smell the bacon her mother was making in the kitchen. Her stomach roiled and she forced herself […]

Warden’s Woman – Jamie K. Schmidt

Chapter 1 aomi Briggs must have been asleep on her feet. That was the only excuse she had. When she went out into the alley to dump the garbage into the dumpster, she should have been more aware of her surroundings. She should have at least seen the man before he jumped her from behind. […]

A Cowboy for April – Jamie K. Schmidt

APRİL GRAYSON CLENCHED her jaw and tried not to cry as she removed her personal stuff from the desk she had busted her ass at for the last five years. Downsized. Carefully, she put the picture frames of her sisters’ rodeo championships in the copier paper box the security guard had handed to her. He […]

Betrayed – Jamie K. Schmidt

You’re having a nightmare, my queen,” Guy said. His voice was far above her. Rhee heard it through the horrible images that pinned her to the damp earth. But she knew this wasn’t a dream. It was a sending. Her child was in danger. Rhee’s eyes opened and she took in the midnight sky. The […]

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