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The Earl Most Likely – Jane Goodger

Long before Augustus Lawton saw Costille House, his ancestral home, he heard it. Loud strains of music flowed in the breeze, distorted and haunting, along with raucous laughter and the occasional delighted scream. His wife was having a party, apparently. And to think she’d lamented to him in her last letter about how bored she […]

The Bad Luck Bride – Jane Goodger

If only her fiancé had died five minutes after the ceremony instead of five minutes before, Alice wouldn’t be in her current, unfathomable, situation. A terrible thought, yes, but there was never a truer sentiment to go through her mind. He was late. Her current and very much alive fiancé was terribly, horribly, embarrassingly late, […]

Diamond in the Rough – Jane Goodger

Nathaniel Emory, soon to be Baron Alford and possessor of a moldering estate long stripped of anything of value, including the family’s honor, looked through the window of his hired hack to Lion’s Gate, his legacy and burden. A cold, driving snow stung his face as he gazed up at the home, at broken windows, […]

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