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Canadian West Collection – Janette Oke

It came as a great surprise to me. Oh, not the letter itself. We were all used to the arrival of letters from brother Jonathan. They came quite regularly and always caused a small stir in our household. No, it wasn’t the letter, but rather what it contained that caught me completely off guard. And […]

Love Comes Softly 8. Love Finds a Home – Janette Oke

Belinda slitted her eyes open against the rays of the morning sun, then quickly closed them and pulled the blanket up around her face for protection. It was early, too early to rise–but she wouldn’t be able to sleep any longer with the sun shining in her eyes. Even in her sleepy state, she knew […]

Love Comes Softly 7. Love Takes Wing – Janette Oke

Clark and Marty Davis–partners in a marriage in which each had lost a previous spouse. Nandry and Clae–foster daughters raised by Clark and Marty Nandry married Josh Coffins, and their children are Tina, Andrew, Mary and Jane. Clae married Joe Berwick. Their children are Esther Sue, Joey, and Paul. Missie–Clark’s daughter from his first marriage, […]

Love Comes Softly 6. Love’s Unfolding Dream – Janette Oke

Mama! Look!” At the cry from her youngest, Marty turned quickly from the biscuits she was shaping toward the kitchen doorway. She knew by the tone of her daughter’s voice that there was some kind of trouble– Belinda’s cry trembled in the air between them as she stood before her mother. A chill gripped Marty’s […]

Love Comes Softly 5. Love’s Unending Legacy – Janette Oke

Marty’s trembling hand pushed back a wisp of wayward hair from her warm, moist face as she peered once more out the window. Why was she shaking so? Was it because they had been bouncing hour after long hour in the seemingly slow-moving stagecoach, or was it her intense excitement at the prospect of once […]

Love Comes Softly 4. Love’s Abiding Joy – Janette Oke

“Good mornin’.” The words came softly to Marty; she opened her sleep- heavy eyes to identify the source. Clark was bending over her, smiling, she noticed. Clark did not normally awaken her before he left for the barn; and Marty stirred, fighting sleep in an effort to understand why he was doing so now. “Happy […]

Love Comes Softly 3. Love’s Long Journey – Janette Oke

Imagine if you can the grief of family separation back in the days of the pioneers. For weeks and months the entire family would have been in a fever-pitch of excitement and activity. Plans were made, clothing and bedding were sewn, crates and crocks were packed and supplies were purchased or prepared, sufficient for many […]

Love Comes Softly 2. Love’s Enduring Promise – Janette Oke

Marty stirred restlessly in an effort to shake off sleep. The dream possessed her, causing an uncontrollable shiver to run through her body. Gradually wakefulness came and with it an intense relief. She was here, safe and belonging, in her own bed. Still, an uneasiness clung to her. It had been a horrid dream, so […]

Love Comes Softly 1. Love Comes Softly – Janette Oke

The morning sun shone brightly on the canvas of the covered wagon, promising an unseasonably warm day for mid- October. Marty fought for wakefulness, coming back slowly from a troubled and fitful sleep. Why did she feel so heavy and ill at ease– she who usually awoke with a bounce and a readiness for each […]

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