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Zerk’s Mark – Jean Marie

I couldn’t get out of my stupid job fast enough. Friday afternoon, sitting at my creaky old desk in the office of Redwall Construction was not exactly fulfilling. Aside from being the only woman in the company, I made shitty pay. I was excited as I tossed my purse in my crappy Toyota Camry because […]

Beowulf’s Fury – Jean Marie

I crossed the threshold as my phone rang. My cell was at the bottom of my purse, and the caller could wait; I had my hands full, literally and figuratively. I closed the door behind me with one foot and managed to get the grocery bags on the counter without dropping anything. Quickly, I put […]

Plot Twist – Jean Marie

USİNG the sleeve of my tee shirt, I wipe away the beads of sweat that trickle down my neck. That kickboxing class was especially hardcore. Which is my own fault considering that I was the one teaching the class. But that’s what happens when your body is just a giant ball of frustration. What kind […]

Turning the Page – Jean Marie

RETURNİNG to Carraway Falls after eight years away feels better than I anticipated. I still don’t feel good, but I also don’t feel completely and totally awful. I never planned to come back for more than a quick visit, but here I am. It’s a shame the circumstances are so shitty. Just the thought of […]

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