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Bright Familiar – Jeffe Kennedy

THREE MESSAGES ARRİVED at House Phel, all before breakfast, all bearing bad news. “I told you so,” Nic said, taking in Gabriel’s frown as he read the missives. Lifting his wizard-black gaze, he cocked his head at her. “No doubt you did, but which thing are you referring to this time?” “That they wouldn’t leave […]

The Promised Queen – Jeffe Kennedy

“Lia? Wake up.” The voice reached me deep in the dreamthink, where I slept wrapped in the verdant cloak of Calanthe’s maternal embrace. For a moment, I thought all was well, that my realm was at peace, safe and protected—and that I was, too. That my world was as it had always been, and my […]

The Orchid Throne – Jeffe Kennedy

The oldest records and recollections agree that it all began with the discovery of vurgsten. The records aren’t cohesive across the many kingdoms, or even particularly coherent within the same document, as the immediate results of that discovery quickly shattered lives and governments so few people spent their time writing things down. So exactly how […]

The Fiery Crown – Jeffe Kennedy

“Good morning, Conrí! I must congratulate myself—how did I know I’d find you here?” I glanced at the wizard, not revealing that he’d surprised me and not bothering to return the empty pleasantries. I hadn’t asked him to find me. In fact, I’d come to the portrait gallery to be alone—not easy in the crowded […]

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