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The Orchid Throne – Jeffe Kennedy

The oldest records and recollections agree that it all began with the discovery of vurgsten. The records aren’t cohesive across the many kingdoms, or even particularly coherent within the same document, as the immediate results of that discovery quickly shattered lives and governments so few people spent their time writing things down. So exactly how […]

The Golden Gryphon and the Bear Prince – Jeffe Kennedy

“ASTAR—WATCH THİS!” ZEPHYR’S musical shout rang out from the cliff’s edge high above. Shading his eyes against the bright tropical sun, Astar picked out Zephyr’s slim silhouette perched on tiptoe, precariously clinging to a rock outcropping. Her light silken shift fluttered around her as she raised her arms, the coastal breeze catching the long banner […]

The Fiery Crown – Jeffe Kennedy

“Good morning, Conrí! I must congratulate myself—how did I know I’d find you here?” I glanced at the wizard, not revealing that he’d surprised me and not bothering to return the empty pleasantries. I hadn’t asked him to find me. In fact, I’d come to the portrait gallery to be alone—not easy in the crowded […]

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