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Only Scandal Will Do – Jenna Jaxon

“Put her back in the carriage, now!” Her assailant snarled the brusque command, sending a shiver of fear through Lady Katarina Fitzwilliam. An unseen attacker seized and tossed her into the coach. Gagged, hands pinioned behind her back, ankles bound together, she lay trussed like a Christmas goose in a cramped bundle on the hard […]

Only a Mistress Will Do – Jenna Jaxon

Shivering in the brisk wind cutting straight through her thin gown, Violet Carlton trudged across the small dirt-packed backyard, littered with tufts of dead grass and scattered brown and red leaves. Teeth clenched to stop their chattering, she mounted the short three steps of the back stoop, straightened her shoulders, and rapped three times on […]

Much Ado about a Widow – Jenna Jaxon

Staring out at the bleak winter landscape of frozen grass and lifeless trees, Lady Georgina Kirkpatrick decided that the infernal bumping of the carriage taking her back to her father’s estate in East Sussex had been substantially less annoying to her yesterday. Of course, then Georgie had not spent eight hours the previous day being […]

Heart of Decadence – Jenna Jaxon

The warm, walnut-paneled library of Lady Hamilton’s townhouse should’ve been comforting. Flickering candles illuminated the chamber just enough to see, while still allowing a lady to conceal herself if necessary—as it was at this particular moment. Soft leather cushions on the chairs and chaise invited one to sit and relax, while the red and tan […]

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