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Oath of Destruction – Jennifer Anne Davis

Savenek didn’t say a word to Rema or Darmik as the three of them made their way to the palace in Emperor’s City. He wanted to be alone so he could think about everything they’d told him. However, time was of the essence. Allyssa, his sister, was dead. Savenek was now the crown heir. Bullocks. […]

Oath of Deception – Jennifer Anne Davis

Huddled beneath his moth-eaten cape, Savenek counted the ships on the left side of Dock M until he came to the eighth one. It was nondescript, no different from the hundreds of ships docked in this harbor. He scanned the area. The night was cool, the wind blowing steadily. Only a few clouds shone in […]

Cage of Destiny – Jennifer Anne Davis

Allyssa stood in the middle of the cramped space. She couldn’t believe this was her twin brother’s room. A neatly made bed took up one corner, a desk across from it, and a single dresser stood in the middle of the remaining wall. Simple. Utilitarian. Her chest tightened. Her brother had grown up in this […]

Cage of Darkness – Jennifer Anne Davis

Sitting in the cold, damp cave with her wrists and ankles bound, Allyssa watched the assassin start the fire. Once it took, he glanced up at her, his black eyes revealing pure ruthlessness. Without uttering a single word, he stood and exited the cave as silent as a cougar. Most likely, he was going outside […]

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