Tag: Jessica Cluess

A Sorrow Fierce and Falling – Jessica Cluess

The monster was expecting me. At least, that was how it seemed as I approached the edge of the barrier to SorrowFell, breaking through the mist to find the demon Molochoron. The thought that this creature anticipated me was nonsense, of course. He was only a ten-foot-tall blob of jelly with dark, sharp hairs protruding […]

A Poison Dark and Drowning – Jessica Cluess

London was waiting, and so was I. Tonight was an official gathering of Her Majesty’s sorcerers—my first since being commended to the royal Order—and as the city’s church bells tolled seven o’clock, my stomach fluttered with nerves. We were a country still at war with monsters, but at that moment attacking hellbeasts were the furthest […]

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