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War of the Dragon – Jessica Drake

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. I stared at the ornate clock on the mantelpiece, as if I could urge its silver hands to spin faster through the sheer force of my glare. Unfortunately, the gears within seemed immune to my agitation, continuing to turn at the same consistent, dependable rate the clockmaker had designed. One slow, […]

Test of the Dragon – Jessica Drake

Zara. I think we’re here!” Lessie’s excitement penetrated the fog in my head, waking me from a deep slumber. Yawning, I stirred in Tavarian’s arms and blinked the sleep from my eyes, then glanced over the side of my dragon’s back to get a good look at the terrain. My heart jumped in my chest […]

Might of the Dragon – Jessica Drake

Life has a funny way of tricking you into thinking it’s changed, when in reality things are exactly the same as they always were. When I first became a dragon rider, when I laid hands on Lessie’s egg and brought her into the world, I thought my life had been turned upside down. Before Lessie, […]

Flight of the Dragon – Jessica Drake

This is ridiculous, Zara.” I winced as Lessie shot me a baleful glare from the floor. She was curled up on top of a pile of hay—a makeshift bed in a makeshift stable that had been converted from a saloon, the door torn out so she could fit through. It had only been a day […]

Call of the Dragon – Jessica Drake

Holding my breath, I eased my way from the lip of the roof onto the window ledge hanging directly across from me and prepared to commit my first criminal act of the year. The night air ruffled my hair, bringing the stench of the city streets with it, and I did my best to focus […]

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