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Tenacious Trudy – Jo Grafford

Rory Jude adored neatness and organization. Back in Boston, his laundress had kept his shirts, suits, and white work coats pressed and hung in a tidy row in his wardrobe. He was also a meticulous planner. He kept detailed lists of his medications and supplies. That way he always knew how many pills, syrups, and […]

Mail Order Mallory – Jo Grafford

Please, don’t go.” Steeling her heart against the pleading note in her best friend’s voice, Mallory Price held a hand against her forehead to keep her hair from blowing in her face. She didn’t want to leave, but she was fresh out of other options. “I’m doing what I must, dearest.” She peered up at […]

Elizabeth – Jo Grafford

Early November, 1866 lizabeth Byrd rubbed icy hands up and down her arms beneath her threadbare navy wool cloak as she gingerly hopped down from the stagecoach. It was so much colder in Montana than it had been in South Carolina. She gazed around her at the hard-packed earthen streets, scored by the ruts of […]

Bookish Belinda – Jo Grafford

Belinda Fairfax was deathly tired of waiting for answers. It had been weeks — no, months! — since she’d penned her letter, begging for an explanation from her former affianced about his continued absence from Boston. Now that his long-lost sister had been located, there was no more reason for Colt Branson to remain on […]

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