Tag: Jo Jones

McColl – Jo Jones

Reginald McColl stepped outside the barn Wickham Muir had converted to barracks for the ghosts after The Reckoning, and drew a breath of crisp, morning air. He held it, letting it expand his chest to bursting. Still in awe of Soncereae’s gift, Reginald vowed to never take his mortality for granted, or fail to remember […]

Chisholm – Jo Jones

LİKE A SİREN’S CALL, Darach Chisholm followed those of The 79 still tethered to the moor, toward Soncerae’s fire. The wee witch’s white blaze glowed bright in the darkness, lending an eerie radiance to the fat flakes of falling snow. More than half of his fellow warriors had already moved on, and tonight Soni would […]

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