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Echo North – Joanna Ruth Meyer

I WAS CALLED ECHO FOR MY mother, who died when I was born, because when my father took me into his arms he said he felt the echo of her heartbeat within me. My father didn’t blame me for my mother’s death, but he was often sad. He had me and my older brother Rodya […]

Beyond the Shadowed Earth – Joanna Ruth Meyer

EDA SWORE. Rain pounded sharp outside the open window of the council chamber, a gust of wind whipping aside the gauzy curtain to display the sprawling city below the palace. Bluetiled roofs, silver-spired towers, a maze of stone streets—all were as familiar to Eda as breathing, all gleaming wet in the rain. Bells clamored from […]

Beneath the Haunting Sea – Joanna Ruth Meyer

TALIA THUNDERED ACROSS THE PLAIN, HER HEAD bent low over her mount’s neck, the world a blur of dust and wind and exhilarating speed. The sun was just slipping above the peaks of the northern mountains, bathing the desert in liquid gold—already it burned blistering hot on her shoulders. She’d have to go back to […]

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