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Miracle on Ladies’ Mile – Joanna Shupe

“To the everlasting credit of New York’s working-girl let it be said that, rough though her road may be, all but hopeless her battle with life, only in the rarest instances does she go astray. As a class she is brave, virtuous, and true.” —Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives, 1890. New York City […]

A Scandalous Deal – Joanna Shupe

“My buildings will be my legacy . . . they willspeak for me long after I’m gone.” —Julia Morgan, architect of Hearst Castle July 1890 Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean Lady Eva Hyde hated boats. Yachts, schooners, steamships, barges . . . all tiny enclosed prisons made of steel and brass and boredom. She preferred […]

A Notorious Vow – Joanna Shupe

New York City January 1890 Lady Christina Barclay was officially trespassing. Yet as she stepped out of the mews and into the magnificent empty gardens behind this large Fifth Avenue home, she could not bring herself to care. The home belonged to her cousin’s reclusive neighbor, a man Christina knew very little about. Since arriving […]

A Daring Arrangement – Joanna Shupe

The pressed tin ceiling was about to cave in on their heads. Lady Honora Parker glanced upward once again, fascinated by what was taking place on the second floor of Sherry’s, one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants. Each raucous thump and horrific crash from above shook the huge gold and crystal chandelier in the […]

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