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The Prince’s Bride – Joanne Wadsworth

The British Museum, a year and a half earlier… Lady Olivia Trentbury rested one hand on the edge of the carriage window as the horses trotted up the promenade to the grand entrance of Montagu House. The coach swept around to the front and halted before the British Museum’s stately main entrance, the building rising […]

The Earl’s Secret Bride – Joanne Wadsworth

Lady Rosamonde Raven stuck her nose against the window as she and her mother, the Countess of Hillhurst, traveled the darkened forest road to London, her breath fogging the glass. Twisting layers of mist swirled a murky yellow-gray from the lamp atop their carriage. She’d traveled this road to town from their country estate dozens […]

The Earl’s Bride – Joanne Wadsworth

“I must uncover who murdered my father and brother.” James Hargrove, the Earl of Donnelly, leaned back in his study chair, his head resting against the high supporting headrest. Grief clung to him, so dark and dismal and never ending since the death of his beloved family members. “They would expect no less of me.” […]

The Duke’s Bride – Joanne Wadsworth

“Let me in, Ashten, this very instant.” Lady Ellie Trentbury rapped on the Duke of Ashten’s bedchamber door for the tenth time in ten minutes. “You are being obstinate, and since my brother would never allow this stubborn behavior of yours to continue, then neither shall I.” “Go away, Ellie. You’re being a pest, yet […]

Highlander’s Sword – Joanne Wadsworth

In the dead of night, unease consumed Cherub and wouldn’t abate as she paced the sandy shoreline of Loch Alsh. The gentle glow of the moon rippled over the rolling waves and across the treetops of the forest rising high behind their warrior encampment. The foamy swell of the surf tumbled in, bubbled over the […]

Highlander’s Claim – Joanne Wadsworth

Standing on top of the battlements of the castle, Cherub slid her fingers through her warrior mate’s as a light breeze blew in over the night-shrouded waters of Loch Alsh. The surface rippled with the reflection of the moon and a glittering array of stars. In the distance, farther along the curve of the bay, […]

Her Pirate Prince – Joanne Wadsworth

Two days after receipt of the summons, one mile along the coastline from the Kasbah of Algiers, late 1811. Anteros turned the skiff’s oar a touch to ensure the strong current within the bay didn’t carry him any farther out to sea. He’d rowed to this exact spot after receiving a letter of summons from […]

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