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A Daddy for Damian – Joe Satoria

He wasn’t being serious. Was he? I always remembered my first IT class in high school. Don’t trust people on the internet. I tried to follow that rule. But when a handsome man matches with you on a dating site, then asks if you’re looking for a job, I couldn’t say no. Unemployed and with […]

Collar Me Pink – Joe Satoria

Everyone was cute. Except me. They were dressed in their fluffy kitten ears, their glossy collars, and some even had tails. They bounced as they walked. I wanted to look like that. Some wore tight, frilly maid outfits, and others wore short dresses with socks pulled to their knees. How could they look so good? […]

A Daddy for Cosimo – Joe Satoria

Looking for a Little independence, Cosimo Briggs finds work at a cat café. At nineteen, his plan is to save money, move from his parents’ place, and then come out to them. But when he’s caught kissing a man, he might not go back home at all. Will he find a home in someone else’s […]

A Daddy for Benito – Joe Satoria

I got played. I got laid, but also played. I didn’t give up the goods to anyone, so I didn’t understand why it only took a few messages from a random guy on a hook-up app for me to invite him into my hotel room. There was one likely explanation and it looked Photoshopped. It […]

A Daddy for Alexi – Joe Satoria

Lonely and lost, Alexi Drake is looking for a caring hand. Starting a new job with the same anxieties, he doesn’t think he’ll ever feel wanted, let alone someone who will understand him. But will the kindness of a stranger change that? Overworked and under-laid, Warren Raines is searching for someone special to share himself […]

Press Two for Fake Fiancé – Joe Satoria

Blinds drawn on the four glass walls. I’d been coming here twice a week for a month. The space was dull with only dim light shining through slats where the blinds didn’t close completely. On the top floor of an office building in the middle of the city. It wasn’t unusual to meet like this, […]

Mr Next Door – Joe Satoria

People seriously underestimate the power they have to just up and leave a country. This is the first time I’ve done the whole country thing. England is a little bland and morose compared to how I remembered it growing up. And growing up, I had a very colourful life. The plan was to move to […]

Mr Nice Guy – Joe Satoria

I always dreamed of my first adult holiday being somewhere with my friends, getting drunk every night, waking up on different beaches of whichever country we fancied, and not to mention the men I fantasised over. You know, the ones where you don’t speak their language, but that’s ok because everyone speaks the language of […]

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