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A Time of Courage – John Gwynne

Drem threw his grapple-hook high. He felt it reach the apex of its climb and then drop. There was a thunk as it connected with wood. He pulled, felt it catch in timber, gave a tug to check it had caught properly and would hold his weight. Drem was huddled tight to the wooden wall […]

A Time of Blood – John Gwynne

Drem looked up from his horse’s steady gait. Through the stark branches above he glimpsed the sun sinking into the mountains ahead, a pale glow behind snow cloud and leafless branches. In a matter of heartbeats twilight was settling upon them like a shroud. We must stop soon, else the horses risk snaring a leg. […]

Wrath – John Gwynne

Veradis fell through the night air, weightless. He caught glimpses of the tower of Brikan, Calidus’ still-smouldering outline at the window, then below, the river coming up to meet him. He slammed into the water, the cold shocking the breath out of him. He panicked, disorientated, realizing he didn’t know which way was up; all […]

A Time Of Dread – John Gwynne

For over two thousand years, my brothers, we have fought our noble war, against Elyon the Great Tyrant and his servants, the Ben-Elim. Two thousand years our battleground was the Otherworld, that place of spirit, where all things are eternal. And then, little over a century ago, we saw the fulfilment of our long-crafted plan, […]

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